How To Start Selling On Worxmart

how to start selling on Worxmart guide

By selling your services on Worxmart, you can get connected to clients across all industries which will help you scale and grow faster and easier than ever before.

According to a poll by employment site, 89% of professionals in the Middle East and North Africa area anticipate working more freelancing in 2023 as demand for their skills soars and businesses look for affordable solutions to complete projects on time and on budget. Sounds like the perfect opportunity right?

Being a freelancers on Worxmart allows you to work in different ways. You can sell services for clients on Worxmart to purchase, explore requests and send custom offers to the clients.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know to start earning money by selling your services on Worxmart.

Key Points

  1. Create a Freelancer Account
  2. Complete Your Profile
  3. Post Services
  4. Pricing
  5. Explore Requests
  6. Custom Offers
  7. Payments

1. Create a Freelancer Account

First: from the homepage, click on “Register”

Second: fill the required information:

  • Your username. Give it a bit of care, it can’t be changed once chosen.
  • Your email
  • Choose a strong password
  • From the “User Type” field, select “Talent”
  • Insert your phone number accurately
  • Read and confirm on our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Click on “Continue”

Then, you’ll receive an email to confirm your email address you registered with. Open your inbox and confirm your email so that you go to the final step:

  • Upload a profile picture of yourself
  • Upload your updated CV
  • Upload your National ID or Passport

Note: neither your national ID nor your CV will be shared with the public. We require the national ID for identity verification, and the CV for experience check and vetting.

2. Complete Your Profile

Completing your profile gives you more chances to win orders as it allows clients to check your background, skills and makes them make a faster decision to purchase your services.

  • Hover over your profile picture to open the drop-down menu
  • Click on “Public Profile”
  • You can change your profile picture whenever you want
  • Upload a cover photo representing the services you offer
  • Add your job title in “Tagline”
  • Use “Description” to introduce yourself, your areas of expertise, and anything else that may add value to your profile and gives clients a reason to choose your services.
  • Add the “Languages” you can speak with and your level of proficiency in each language.
  • Add your skills that are relevant to the services you offer.
  • Add your education and fields of study.
  • Add the certifications you had.

3. Post Services

Now that you have a neat and professional profile, you are ready to start selling your services on Worxmart with confidence.

Your service consists of a few steps, complete them all and offer attractive benefits for clients.

Note: to ensure a professional environment when selling your services on Worxmart, don’t include any personal information (e.g. phone number, email address, social media links, etc.) anywhere in your service or in the work samples you upload. Please note that a service won’t go public if it contains any personal information.

First: Service Details

Here, you start defining the service you are selling to the clients on Worxmart:

  • Title: it’s the first thing the client sees. Write a short title that directly represents what your service is about.
  • Price: this is where you set a price for the service you offer. Make sure to set a reasonable price that reflects the real value of your service. There are different pricing options you can choose according to your service, we’ll get to that later in this guide.
  • Category and Subcategory: choose the most suitable categories and subcategories to your service. This helps clients find your service easier.
  • Description: This where you describe everything you offer in your service in detail. Make sure to write everything the client might need to know in order to purchase your service.
  • Tags: this field is really beneficial for you if you want to improve your service exposure in search results. Add the relevant keywords to your request. They could be skills, industries, etc. And this would show your request to clients searching using these keywords.

Second: Client Information

  • Instructions to Client: use this field in case you require any information from the client before starting the order, such as a project brief, creative direction, etc.
  • FAQ: list the most common questions that your clients usually ask about your service and answer them.

Third: Media

An image is worth a thousand words. That’s your space to show clients a real sample of your work. It’s one of the important things for you to succeed as you start selling your services on Worxmart.

  • Cover Image: upload a cover image to make your service visually appealing.
  • Images: upload visual samples of your work. The more images you upload the better.
  • Video Link: upload a video introducing your service, or it could be samples of your work (e.g. showreel)
  • Job Preview: you can upload your work samples in a document format. Please note that any document you upload here could be downloaded by any user. So make sure not to include any personal information or external links.
  • Audios: if you provide an audio service (e.g. Voice Over). Upload your work samples here.

Fourth: Extras

This section gives you the ability to offer extra benefits for the client for a price. The client may or may not add extras to the order according to his needs. But offering extras in your services gives more flexibility and ability to the client to customize his order.

  • Extra Fast Delivery: for an additional price, you can offer a shorter delivery time than the normal one in your service.
  • Additional Revision: when enabled, clients can choose how many revisions they want on the order. Set a price for each revision.
  • Extra: you can offer additional services with an extra price and delivery time.

Finally, before you start selling your services on Worxmart, it’s important that you read our terms of service carefully and publish your service. The service then will be reviewed by our team to make sure it follows our guidelines. Then, you’ll get notified once it’s approved and published or if it needs any edits before publishing. And don’t worry, this step isn’t taking long.

4. Pricing

There are different pricing options you can choose when you create your service. And you can use the most suitable one for your service.


Use it to offer 3 different tiers of your services. Each with a name, description, delivery time, revisions, price and any other customized benefits you’d like to add.

Packages give you the ability to offer a variety of your service as you start selling them on Worxmart, give clients more benefits according to the value of the package. This could be a great selling point to your service when used correctly.

Screenshot from the Worxmart platform that showcases the packages and pricing section for a freelancer


For complex projects, the ones that get delivered in phases.

You can add as many milestones as you want, each with its description, delivery days and price.

As you start selling your services on Worxmart, and a client makes a purchase for a service from a freelancer on Worxmart with milestones, he pays for the first milestone only. And pays for every other milestone before starting it. (e.g. website development)

screenshot from the worxmart platform that showcases the milestone section


Use it when your service price varies according to the client’s specific requests and needs. This will allow you to present your services and clients will communicate with you through chat to understand his/her requirements. When all is set, you send him/her a custom offer.


Use it when you are offering a service with no variance for a fixed price (e.g. creating an informative website for $XX)


To get paid per hour as you start selling on Worxmart, you need to specify the exact hours that take you to perform the service you are offering. It’s preferable to communicate with the client before confirming the order to specify how many hours it will take you to deliver his requirements.

5. Explore Requests

Another way to selling your services on Worxmart and earning money is exploring the requests posted by clients. Always stay up to date with the latest requests on Worxmart by checking “All Requests”.

Use the search and filters to find relevant requests easier as you start selling your services on Worxmart. And when you find one, you can send the client a custom offer according to his request details. 

You can also communicate with the client and ask him for more information if you want.

6. Custom Offers

A custom offer is another feature you can use to offer your services to clients with a proposed budget and delivery days.

First: you can receive from a client a request for custom offer. When a client is interested in working with you but has specific requirements or a tailored request, he/she sends you a request for custom offer including his project details for you to analyze and reply with a custom offer.

Second: explore the requests posted by clients on Worxmart. When you find a relevant one, send a custom offer to the client including:

  • Description: write in details what you’ll provide the client with based on his/her request.
  • Budget: specify a price for the service you’ll offer.
  • Duration: how many days will take you to deliver the requested service.

Note: as you start selling your services on worxmart, and you create offers to buyers, you’ll need to confirm on the order to start. Always stay active, as you have 12 hours to confirm the order after the client’s approval.

7. Payments

As you start selling your services on Worxmart, your payment is always secured and guaranteed. Clients pay the service fees upon purchasing your service. And it’ll be transferred to your account balance once the order is completed.

By the end of this guide, you should now be able to work like a pro in Worxmart and start selling your services in an appealing way. 

You can always contact us if you have any inquiries or need any support and our dedicated support team will be happy to help.


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