Digital marketing and lead generation


10.00 $ - 50.00 $


15 days


February 9, 2023

Start date:

January 2, 2023

End date:

February 14, 2023


Digital marketing, Internet Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Virtual Assistant

Lead generation/Sales funnels through:
- Automated workflows to enable cold outreach through LinkedIn, Cold***** SMS, etc.
- *****/contacts scrapping and data enrichment
- Advertising on Google, Facebook [other Meta platforms], and LinkedIn.
- Inbound lead generation through SEO, Content Marketing, and ***** Marketing.

Marketing strategy
To ensure a good conversion rate, we need to communicate the right Value Proposition to the right Buyer Persona in the right way. Initial Marketing strategy is helping us through:
- current marketing audit, market research, competition analysis, buyer persona definition, and SWOT.


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