Workforce Reporting and Scheduling specialist.


10,000.00 $ - 12,000.00 $



Start date:

May 21, 2023

End date:

May 28, 2023


1- Preparing and managing short term and long-term staffing forecasting and scheduling per client/languages to ensure that enough staff is available to perform all required tasks.
2- Schedule design per interpreters - creation and maintenance of a best fit, dynamic schedule - considering all clients languages sets and demographical restrictions.
3- Measure and control staff forecast and productivity through reporting and latest forecasting techniques in-order to maximize staff utilization and productivity to meet revenue targets.
4- Communicating to service delivery managers any updates that affects the operational day to day work including but not limited to workforce daily metrics and productivity, and schedules to ensure the optimum productivity.
5- Managing the hiring plan requests considering the attrition% and training fulfillment.
6- Communicate with the operations, management, and human resources teams to be sure that all departments are abiding by company standards when it comes the required headcount.
7- Extracting data through internal and external applications in-order to be analyzed to support Workforce related tasks.
8- Runs and analyzes reports with the result of making recommendations for adjusting staffing levels to meet departmental productivity and profitability goals.
9- Monitoring contact volumes, ASA against plan, and report issues to Operations where appropriate using IMS and Community system.


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May 18, 2023