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We are a professional & enthusiastic recruitment team, dedicated to providing professional recruitment & staffing solutions that help our clients become more effective, productive and profitable.There’s nothing like the thrill of a candidate’s enthusiastic “Yes!” to an employment offer, and an equally pleased line manager who just landed a super performer. Knowing our efforts positively impact both our company & potential candidates keeps us going every day. We would love to hear from you.



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Full Recruitment Cycle
Definition: Managing the full recruitment life cycle starting from receiving the JD, searching the candidates in different channels, screening, standard testing, interviewing, facilitating the...
Starting at
Hiring Administration
Definition: In case you have a fit candidate(s) and wants to hire him/her in a specific job, We will conduct an HR interview to the competencies and culture fit, Preparing the job offer and manage...
Starting at
25.00 $
Market Scan (Talent Mapping) in Egypt
Searching and analyzing the potential candidates that may be available for a new role in your organization. Deliverables: List of 3 potential candidates, market insights, and recommendations. Time...
Starting at
350.00 $

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